The Divine Feminine in Marketing: What does it mean?

What does it mean to run your business in a Divine Feminine way?

For starters, it means that you will enjoy doing business because your actions grow from your passion. And, all of your actions are based in love rather than fear.

It means that you never worry about competition because there is none. You, your vision and your work are in a class by themselves, and your only job is to learn to show yourself more clearly.

It means that your sales and marketing work is never “salesy.” As you share your gifts and services, people are free to choose you, and never feel pressure. You never feel sleazy.

It means that you get to build relationships with potential and current clients. In a business way, they become friends, because they know, like, and trust you regarding your expertise and offerings.

It means that you can fall in love with doing business. Plus, you can learn a few bits of manifestation magic and much more.

One key component to DF marketing is developing personal resonance, or a way of being that aligns your soul vibration with your passion and way of being.

As your resonance grows, it becomes a part of your business, and eventually, your personal resonance will attract customers who feel an alignment with you. Learning to do this well is the secret to a successful and satisfying business.

Sharing how to integrate resonance and other DF mindsets into business is at the heart of my work.

These are juicy techniques that I discovered when I found that I loved marketing but simply couldn’t do it in the traditional way. Traditional marketing is based totally in fear, and I wanted to learn to choose love instead.

Actually, moving from fear to love was a fairly easy transition.  I constantly asked, “what would love look like in this situation?” and discovered a whole set of feel good ideas. For instance, I stopped being afraid of losing a sale. Instead, I released my attachment to making a sale, and was able to focus on giving service instead.

My sales conversations became explorations of what would really work for the customer. If they walked away, I knew why, and if they chose to buy, I gained a loyalty and trust that was not possible before.

I currently share these principles in my group posts, blogs, webinars and coaching.

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In both places, you are welcome to participate in discussions, ask questions, and learn valuable information about using the Divine Feminine in your business. Plus, you can message me for a more personalized response, or to explore working together.

Thank you for hanging with me!

In a few days, I’ll create a post I think you will enjoy. It outlines a short, case study of a business built on Divine Feminine principles, and gives you information to visualize how this can work for you.

Hope to see you on one of my FB pages!

Bright Business Blessings,

Feminine Flow in Business

I’ve been quiet here for a few days, and this is totally in line with Divine Feminine business behavior.

Quiet times are part of the natural, feminine flow, and serve to restore our inner workings.

My old paradigm business training still runs in the background sometimes, telling me that I “should” be doing something other I am doing, but what I have learned is that taking actions when my body/mind needs rest simply doesn’t yield my best level of work.


If I rest and regroup, suddenly, my creativity and energy return, my zest for business returns, and the work I do is completely quickly and more thoroughly than it would have if I pushed it.

It all balances out, I don’t lose anything, and I gain a great deal of joy and confidence in myself. And, so it is!

About Sharing on Social Media

A reader asked, “what do you see as more efficient- sharing on facebook and other social media, or writing a blog on my website?”

Every piece of writing should be posted in many places. Each place serves a different purpose in your marketing plan, so the postings will be slightly different.

There are strategies for the best use of a FB profile, a FB business page, and even a FB group, and to make best use of them, you need to have a strategy. Posting blogs on your website is also part of your strategy.

The short answer to the question is to post the blog on your website, and the post notices that the new blog is up on all your social media places.

The post on social media should tell a bit about the blog and then give the link. The content of both the blog and the FB posts should be part of a bigger plan, also, and not just a random idea that you want to write about.

How will you apply these techniques?

What is your business strategy?

If you don’t know what your business strategy is, stop what you are doing and begin to figure it out.

It is part of your business plan. It becomes a guiding factor when you are choosing to take any action in your business. It involves knowing your intent for every action, and doing only the actions that build towards that intent.

Strategy is your attitude about how you work with the who, what, where and why of your business.

Enfolding Divine Feminine principles into your business is part of the “how” you do your business, but more specifically, your strategy includes answering questions like: use FB groups? FB Live? no FB at all? how often to post? and much more.

If this doesn’t make sense to you right now, continue reading. Every post I write is something to do with your strategy, and if you take it all in, all of a sudden, your strategy will become clear.

Please ask any questions in the comments, I will be happy to address them!

The Importance of a Name

If you want to make an impact with potential customers by posting regular tidbits of inspiration or advice, be sure to give the posts a name, like I am doing with this one.

By categorizing your posts with a name, it lets people know that there is an overall topic, and encourages those who love that topic to read the posts.

Those who love it begin to gather around you as an “expert”, and your ideal audience begins to identify themselves.

Doing this is also part of your “strategy”, and is one of the ways that you are building your marketing. 🙂

PS. Also, this becomes you can hashtag! Hashtags are great as your following grows because your people can put in your hashtag and find a list of all your posts!

New Moon, New Ideas

Today is the new moon, the perfect time to allow your subconscious to flood your conscious mind with ideas.

The new moon represents the start of a new 28.5 day cycle, which empowers the beginning of growing things.

Roots growing in the dark begin their journey to becoming something real, tangible and living above ground, like the manifestation of a project or part of a project.

The next two days are great for keeping a journal handy and jotting down ideas to explore later.

For now, the goal is simply to catch the idea. In the days to come, you will see its unfolding.

Connecting to Build Relationships

Although setting up automatic posts through an app is done by a lot of people, I don’t recommend it.

Successful, organic marketing is about building relationships and when you write and post in the moment, your energy goes out with the post.

Can you feel my energy in this post? I am thinking of each of you as I write this, my intention is to support your business building efforts with my advice, and I actually imagine invisible connections traveling from my heart to yours as I am posting.

In my experience, this energy connection really helps build relationships, which is my goal.

For fun, try to tell if you are reading an auto app post or a real time one as they come through your feed. The difference is very subtle, but in the end, energy connections are always subtle.

For me, a good energy connection makes all the difference.

Simple is better

Your marketing pieces will be more effective when you explain only one idea at a time.


Because one idea is easy for your potential customer to grasp but, more importantly, it is easy to remember. This makes it more likely that they will to talk to others about your product/offering because your single idea is easy to share.

People often get feedback from friends and family before they make a larger purchase, and if they can’t explain to others what you have, your potential client can’t get needed support to make a purchase decision.

In marketing, simpler is always better.

About Free Content

Don’t shy away from giving away free content, especially if you offer a product that is relatively unknown to your audience.

Sharing pieces of your actual product for free allows your customers to know you as generous.

It also gives them an opportunity to learn more before they have to make a purchase decision.

Divine Timing

Divine Timing!

This happens when all the energies and procedures necessary for the desired outcome are aligned and ready to go. Usually, all of these factors are not in your control and maybe not even in your awareness.

Things happen when Spirit is ready, and usually not before. Your job is simply to do all that you know to do, prepare as fully as you can, and take it as a message from Spirit that something is not yet ready if your plans don’t manifest!

Don’t give up, though, because the Divine has heard you, and, when all the forces finally line up properly, Divine Timing will support your goals!

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