Tip #1: Allow yourself to have fun with selling and marketing.

Heart centered marketing is really fun and easy, once you get the hang of it.The reason is because doing something totally aligned with your heart and your soul purpose dictates that you follow your inner guidance, and follow your joy. Of course, this is going to be fun!

Tip #2: Use Magic. Really!

There really is no big secret about what magic is, or how to make it happen. Use ritual, affirmations, sacred tools, etc. to connect to the energy of the dimension just beyond our physical world, and your goals will come like “magic”. This includes using the basics of the Law of Attraction, but it goes way beyond this.

Tip #3: There is magic in the Divine Feminine attitude.

When you learn to apply the Divine Feminine attitude to all aspects of your business, you create a direct line to Sacred Commerce and the right use of energy. Every manifestation happens in the realms of energy before it shows up in the physical, so tapping this incredible resource can help you reach all your goals faster.

Tip #4: Allow your intuition to guide your decisions.

Since what you offer in your business is inspired by your soul and your natural joy, your business is totally unique. What works for someone else will not work for you, this is a natural outcome of working from your soul. There is no competition, but there is also no cookie cutter. Your intuition combines guidance from your soul with knowledge from your mind to give you a gut feeling of the right action for you.

I’d like to help you.

If these tips make sense, I have hundreds more that can be applied to your business. These heart centered marketing techniques have evolved out of my 30 years experience in the metaphysical/woo woo marketplace. They have been used with a wide variety of aspects of business, including:

  • marketing plans and strategy
  • sales techniques, both in person, on the phone, and online
  • product development and manufacture, including sacred tools, books, decks and music
  • writing and publishing books
  • coaching/ teaching course development
  • social media strategy, particularly Facebook

Thank you so much for considering how my knowledge and experience might help your heart centered business! I look forward to hearing from you.

Many magical blessings to you!


In this interview, I talk about Divine Feminine Marketing and Marketing from the Soul.

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