A reader asked, “what do you see as more efficient- sharing on facebook and other social media, or writing a blog on my website?”

Every piece of writing should be posted in many places. Each place serves a different purpose in your marketing plan, so the postings will be slightly different.

There are strategies for the best use of a FB profile, a FB business page, and even a FB group, and to make best use of them, you need to have a strategy. Posting blogs on your website is also part of your strategy.

The short answer to the question is to post the blog on your website, and the post notices that the new blog is up on all your social media places.

The post on social media should tell a bit about the blog and then give the link. The content of both the blog and the FB posts should be part of a bigger plan, also, and not just a random idea that you want to write about.

How will you apply these techniques?