What does it mean to run your business in a Divine Feminine way?

For starters, it means that you will enjoy doing business because your actions grow from your passion. And, all of your actions are based in love rather than fear.

It means that you never worry about competition because there is none. You, your vision and your work are in a class by themselves, and your only job is to learn to show yourself more clearly.

It means that your sales and marketing work is never “salesy.” As you share your gifts and services, people are free to choose you, and never feel pressure. You never feel sleazy.

It means that you get to build relationships with potential and current clients. In a business way, they become friends, because they know, like, and trust you regarding your expertise and offerings.

It means that you can fall in love with doing business. Plus, you can learn a few bits of manifestation magic and much more.

One key component to DF marketing is developing personal resonance, or a way of being that aligns your soul vibration with your passion and way of being.

As your resonance grows, it becomes a part of your business, and eventually, your personal resonance will attract customers who feel an alignment with you. Learning to do this well is the secret to a successful and satisfying business.

Sharing how to integrate resonance and other DF mindsets into business is at the heart of my work.

These are juicy techniques that I discovered when I found that I loved marketing but simply couldn’t do it in the traditional way. Traditional marketing is based totally in fear, and I wanted to learn to choose love instead.

Actually, moving from fear to love was a fairly easy transition.  I constantly asked, “what would love look like in this situation?” and discovered a whole set of feel good ideas. For instance, I stopped being afraid of losing a sale. Instead, I released my attachment to making a sale, and was able to focus on giving service instead.

My sales conversations became explorations of what would really work for the customer. If they walked away, I knew why, and if they chose to buy, I gained a loyalty and trust that was not possible before.

I currently share these principles in my group posts, blogs, webinars and coaching.

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In a few days, I’ll create a post I think you will enjoy. It outlines a short, case study of a business built on Divine Feminine principles, and gives you information to visualize how this can work for you.

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